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My name… Kori Hampton Henry

Age… 34

Birthday… September 17

College… Dyersburg State Community College - Associate's Degree, University of Tennessee - Bachelor's Degree, Trevecca Nazarene University - Master's Degree……….Photography - self taught. Art and Photographic techniques are things that can be learned, but an artist has to be molded from within. My appreciation goes out to every one of my mentors and those special friends who have been here with me, for me, and beside me every step of the way.

My hometown… Dyersburg

My style… Artistic conceptual, posed, yet spontaneous, while somewhat traditional at heart.

Favorite Color… black

If not a photographer I would have been a… a Special Education teacher like the 11 years prior.

My strength in my profession is… having the patience to wait for a child’s personality to shine from within, but most of all, I ENJOY thinking outside of the box.

My weakness in my profession is… Business….man there is way more to this than just being able to play with my little clients and pushing that little button!

My last project was… trying to make it through Christmas! MAN what a stressful quick paced time of year. (tough for me because I try to live on island time)

At 2 P.M everyday you can usually find me… just beginning my last session of the day.

Favorite Food… Do sweets count? I ALWAYS have candy and I love cookies and sweets! I just hate Coconut, nuts, and I am allergic to peanuts……but if I had to pick foods first……it would HAVE to be Red Beans and Rice (it tastes better in Louisiana) and Fettuchini Alfredo (Macaroni Grill has the best) Oh…..and if Cheese were to disappear off the planet……..I would starve to death…..I hope you can’t get mad cow from that!

Favorite Quote… "Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself."

Something I'm listening to… Norah Jones and Jack Johnson settle me, Christina, Fergie, Green Day, and Nellie speed me up, and I am a closet hip hop / rap lover! BUT… musical preferences are about as wide as the variety of my work.

If I were to go on holiday it would be to… Anywhere! I am just a person who loves to go, go, go.

I need to give up… Dr. Pepper, Caramel Frappuccinos, and Salt. I'm SERIOUSLY addicted to all 3!

My favorite TV show… TV is not really my thing! I WISH I could sit still long enough to watch a little.

My New Year’s resolution… To never, ever make a resolution
again…..there is nothing worse than setting yourself up for failure! Keeping an optimistic outlook and living each day to the fullest makes life so much more enjoyable…..remember, we are not promised tomorrow or next year to accomplish anything.

Something I love to indulge in... Family and friends.

Shower or bath... LONG hot shower

If I needed therapy it would be for... worrying too much and my ocd tendancies

I'm happiest when... I'm snuggling/laughing with my family and friends

What do you think happens to you when you die... Well…..when I die, the world will probably be wayyyyyy more quiet.

Something always in my purse... lip gloss

I'm annoyed by... rudeness and people who lie

The piece of equipment I can't part with... my Mark II. It’s time for a new camera, but I get attached too easily

Where can my work be viewed in person?

The Studio’s Gallery… 470 Mall Boulevard Suite. L
Sweet Peas Children’s Boutique… 470 Mall Boulevard Suite O
Neil’s BBQ… 470 Mall Boulevard Suite A
The Office of Dyersburg's Mayor John Holden
Coming soon……….Bullfrogs and Butterflies Children’s Boutique… Located in the Dyersburg Mall
As well as in many fine homes in and across Tennesse, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Arkansas

Where has my work been published?

Carol Harris Company
Creative Needle Magazine
Blue’s Review Magazine
As well as many other publications throughout the photographic industry from awards and achievements received as well as a featured artist of my professional photo lab and vendor companies.

Organizations that I belong to?

Tennessee Professional Photographers Association
Texas Professional Photographers Association
Children’s Photographers International
The American Child Photographers Charity Guild.